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NOW PLAYING ONLINE: 1987Redskins/Giants (Link included)


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OK, well i can put up some 1982 games then if anybody wants to watch. I have a few of the regular season games and all of the playoffs and super bowl.

The first game is pretty bad quality for some of the first half but I think the rest of them are good. The first game is a good one though so I'll play that too.

I need to get them in order but they will be up soon and I'll edit the title of the thread.

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OK, I just started it now. Game 1 vs the Eagles 1982.


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Epic ending to this game. Eagles just came back from 31-27 deficit with under 2 mins left. Now Redskins down 34-31 with 50secs to go.

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Call me when you get to the end of the Vikings game and the "We Want Dallas" chant start's.

The next week is one I will break out the beer for.


It's going to be a while until that one is up. I'm not sure if the season will finish today but I'll play the games I have in order. I have most of them, but I didn't bother downloading the 1 game we lost, haha.

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Man this thread is getting better and better!!! This is awesome!!! If you think about it try to do this again during the off-season when it's boring as hell.

I was going to skip the regular season games but I'm sure people haven't seen these. Everybody has seen the Championship and Super Bowl though. I have all but 3 of the regular season games. I didn't get the 2nd Philly game or the Dallas loss.

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Bucs/Skins starting right now.

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One of the long drives they only gave the ball to Riggins once.That bonehead OC is worse than Kyle! ;)

Are you watching the 1943 game now? It's on

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That 1943 game I just played was crazy.

Nobody has ever done what Sammy Baugh did in that game. He threw 4 TD passes and Intercepted 4 passes in the same game.

It's back to the 1982 Giants/Redskins game now.

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Yeah you would think so. They don't do anything. All these old games are just from people recording them.

The last few games I've played for other people on there. Now it's the 1976 AFC Championship Game Raiders/Steelers.

I didn't think anyone here would want to watch but if so it's on now.

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St Louis at Washington

It's the last regular season game of the 1982 season. Redskins need to clinch home field advantage.

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Hahaha, they just kicked Dexter Manley out of the game, and the Cardinals LT too.

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Vikings Playoff game is next.

Right now is the end of the 81 Chargers/Dolphins playoff game that goes to OT. It's the game that Kellen Winslow catches 13 balls for almost 200 yards and block 2 field goals while he had a seperated shoulder and could barely move for most of the 2nd half.

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