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RIP Clarence Clemons


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Sad sad news. He and Bruce played together for forty years. It is hard to imagine the E Street band continuing now. The show in Baltimore in 2009 was the second to last concert of that tour, and it really had a valedictory feel to it. Many wondered then if that was it for Bruce and the band. I hope I'm wrong, but It feels like the end of an era, and I'm feeling bummed.

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Sunday now ruind.

I'm genuinely sad. The Big Man was not only an integral part of the roup, but a bona fide American LEGEND! Sad, sad loss to music and the World in general.

God rest Clarence. Rock God up in Heaven.

The Boss jesting with the Big Man on the Born in the USA tour back in the '80's (the first time I ever saw the band live as I snuck into the Roundhay Park gig in Leeds, England as a 10 year old after jibbing (not paying) the train to get there) :


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In memory, I have re-uploaded one of the greatest E Street Band shows (and live recordings by anyone, for that matter) in history. Incredible performance and it's a release-quality soundboard recording.

This is fine, by the way, to post/download/share/etc.

RIP Clarence

1978.09.19 Passaic NJ


Thank you for uploading. Downloaded this last night, sound quality is great :)

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I had the pleasure of meeting Clarence on a few occasions at the Pony several years ago. Some of the band members, including Bruce, would stop by and jump in with the band that was playing. Although bigger than life when your standing next to him, he was just a regular guy. Really nice and seemed genuinely happy to meet you. He was a fantastic musician with a smile that would light up the room. He will be missed..and yes the Jungleland solo is the best sax solo I have ever heard. Rest in peace Big Man.

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