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Cold Brewed Iced Coffee (not hot coffee poured over ice)


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anybody try this before? ... you can't get it at starbucks or fast food places.

supposedly it is a night and day difference between hot coffee chiled with ice and/or milk. much smoother, less acidic, better tasting, you need less sugar, etc. etc.

I'm dying to try it ... i'm not much of a coffee person but I do love a good iced coffee every once in awhile.


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It's very good. Never bought it out, though. I've only had it made at home. For travel and camping, I use the starbucks VIA. I suppose you could travel with this as well.

right on ... i really want to try it. is it true that it is much smoother.

too bad it takes so long to make ... i guess that is the price you pay.

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Definitely smoother and less acidic, but that doesn't mean better tasting. :)

Too much time and effort for coffee you're putting cream and sugar into anyway. If you happen to enjoy iced coffee black, then it would be worth the extra effort. Kinda gross though.

I'd recommend cold brewing tea if you like unsweetened iced tea though.

Like the article though. For the life of me I don't understand why coffee drip machines are still the standard. Every function they have makes it easier for you and makes your coffee worse.

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When I lived in Colombia we used to have a drink called cafe con leche that was coffee brewed with milk instead of water. Oh my God that was the best coffee I ever had. They used one of those sock type contraptions and just poured boiling milk right through the grounds.

Bad as drip might be (and I don't think it's that bad my coffee is delicious) the old percolators were just awful.

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I started making coffee this way after reading this thread.

I don't use any fancy equipment, an old spaghetti sauce jar, coarse ground coffee beans and filtered water.

Brew overnight, strain through coffee filter, add equal amouts of water and coffee with a splash of creamer.

Unbelievable difference in taste over hot brewed coffee.

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