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Your list of 2002 needs


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Well only 3 more weeks and if there's a Santa Claus then a playoff game.

Thing is the 2002 offseason will be interesting. We got needs to fill. There's an expansion draft and of course a realigned NFL where there is only 6 division games and 10 non-division games.

Here my list of 2002 needs:

1. General Manager- Marty just coach and et someone else handle the GM duties. Trust me Marty, you coach and a good GM will find you the players to win a superbowl.

2. A new offensive coordinator. Get rid of that KC croney.

3. A new QB.

4. DL

5. WR

6. Kicker

7. Safety

I'm sure there's more.

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Why are people so down on Marty the GM?

I don't think he's done too badly in that role. The big screw-up was his reliance on George to be the QB, but his desire to get the cap situation in line at least partially explains that decision.

What other "horrendous" calls has he made as GM?

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I think it is premature to bring in a GM. Under the circumstances, Marty hasn't done a bad job. He came in late and really didn't know what he had on the roster. He also had an awful cap situation to fix.

Marty's first draft wasn't bad, considering. He did OK with the top two picks, at least. And he picked up some good undrafted free agents in Johnson, Brandt and Pierce. It's been a long time since we've seen the kind of production we've gotten from those three.

And you have to admire his handling of the Peion fiasco.

His free agent acquisitions have also done well. Jones, Bennett, Szott, Metcalf, Banks, Carter, Lockett, Graham, Serwanga, Coleman and Bates have all been productive at bargain basement prices. (Buddha - what has Bates done to get into your doghouse?)

Now that Marty knows what he has on the roster and has a staff in place, I think he deserves at least this offseason to show what he can do as GM.

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Buddah's projected depth chart is a great place to start.

Starting spots that need to be filled.

QB: See the multiple posts in all the appropriate threads. It would be nice, but not at the expense of more pressing needs.

Fullback: Bryan Johnson can step up to the first spot.

WR: If the pass is not a top priority for this defense, Lockett could step and we can look to mid-round picks/cheap vet. for a second string spot.

TE: I'm not sure Zeron coudln't step up right away.

Center: Set with Raymer and Brandt

Guard: We have to resign either Coleman or Szott and I would like to see both of them come back.

Tackle: Set, of course, but a back up here would be nice.

DT: This is the obvious void. We have no one that can step up and we need to be willing to committ some money and/or the #1 pick right here.

DE: Resign Lang and put him where he should be. I'm interested to see if his time at DT will do for him what playing fullback did for Stephen Davis.

LB: I could see some major juggling here. Arrington to the middle with Mitchell as the backup. Not a knock on Mitchell, but the spot that gives Arrington the most impact. This leaves us two empty spots at LB. We have to find two guys here. I think we already have them in Jones and Pierce. Look to the draft and/or fre agents to get better here.

Saftey: We need to one of these spots be better than average. I think that means getting a free saftey that doesn't let the the big play happen.

So my priority list goes

DT...by far the #1 priority

resign Lang

re-sign Szott and Coleman

re-sign Robert Jones


free saftey

#2 or #3 receiver

How much does all this cost? If we can do the 6 transactions ahead of QB and still have change left over, I'm all for spending it on an upgrade.

[edited.gif by mardi gras skin on December 19, 2001.]

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There are really only two pressing needs, assuming that the skins re-sign the key free agents (such as Lang, KJ Carter, Raymer, one of the guards).

These are defensive tackle and quarterback. Depending on your viewpoint, you can say one takes precendence over the other. To my mind, getting a legitimate, consistent QB is the top priority; this is not so much because of the effects that it will have on the team - because I really think that the two are pretty close in impact- but because of how difficult it is to get that legitimate QB.

The reason for this is simple: it's a lot easier to get a decent DT in free agency (maybe not a star, but we don't necessarily need a star) than it is to get that solid QB. Last year in free agnecy, how many good DT's were on the market, and then compare it to the number of good QB's that were available. It's pretty lopsided.

Look at how difficult it is to draft a QB. You're literally rolling the dice, and the payoff is 3 years down the line. Getting a free agent, while expensive is the safer option. You're not likely to get one of the top 3 QB's in the league (unless you get lucky like the Rams), but you will get a quality starter. By comparison, it IS relatively easy to get a quality starter at the DT position (just look at the Bears, who got 2 of them in one free agency period...)


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I look at Baddha's chart (which seems very good to me. Hail!) and I see 4 "OPEN" starters (if you don't count special teams. Now, what are the odds of us filling all four starting holes in the draft?

(Yeah, that assumes we don't get FAs for those spots. But it also assumes we retain all our asterisks).

And you folks want to change the entry labled "Banks" to "Open"? I'd understant getting somebody else if there was somebody good available. But the choices I see don't look that much better than what we've got (assuming we can talk him into staying cheap). (Who knows, maybe in his second year, he'll learn about second recievers?)

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Biggest priority is to sign our FAs we want. Also, make sure we can minimize any damage that could come about through the expansion draft.

In draft, FA or wishful thinking:

A DE who can put pressure on the opposing qb (given that we have a good pass defense even with no or little qb pressure this would probably make us great). We also need a pal for Big Daddy so we can move Lang back to his natural position (I hope he would become for the defense what Stephen Davis has become for the offense then we take care of need 1).

I'd like to get a good guard (who plays like Tre Johnson played when he wasn't injured) and either a fast FB with good vision (one of our standard plays is a pitch to Davis with a FB dive) who could pop those dives (traps?) big when the LBs start cheating to cover Davis off-tackle power pitch or a good blocking FB who could help Davis get into the second or third tier of the defense where he could lay some hits on DBs and open up the center of the field for the TE or slot reciever. If we can get someone like Brunell or maybe Bledsoe, great, but most of the qbs that will or may be available are downgrades to the current qb situation (unless we're willing to except what would most likely be a lost season). With the probabilty that Westbrook goes, we need a WR (actually, there might be a couple of speed merchants that if available, I'd say go for 'em especially if we get Bledsoe).

BTW, you can't ever underestimate depth even at positions you think you've got locked down.

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You want to release both kickers, and our kickoff return man? Bates has done a decent job this season. Conway can still be a good kicker. He has missed 7 kicks this season and three have hit the uprights. I know he has let us down recently, but who out there are we going to get when we have more pressing issues to solve. Barker I can agree with you on. He hasen't impressed me, but being a former player for Marty leads me to beleive he will be back.

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Guest The Angry Buddha


Bates is a decent return man, but I have a problem with carrying two return specialists that don't contribute on offense or defense. Metcalf shows more promise being worked in as a 3rd receiver than Bates does as a tailback, and the emergence of some young defensive special teamers makes Bates expendable. I say draft a receiver in the mid to late rounds that is an experienced kick returner, or re-sign Ki-Jana and give the job to him. Also, there is a certain #30 whose contract is up this season with his current team and who might want to come back home...

Conway's kicking is gone cold in the past couple of games, which wouldn't bother me too much except his kickoffs have also gotten bad. At the very least, I'd like to see another vet brought in to challenge him in the offseason. Barker, of course, has got to go. There's no excuse for shanking a punt a game.


<IMG SRC="http://home.earthlink.net/~wahoofamily/flag.gif" border=0>

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Defensive tackle

Defensive end

running back

wide rec.



backup offensive tackle (perhaps in free-agency) and QB the same route.

Someone made an intresting note about Marty having a new GM thrust upon him by Dano. I think if that happens (and it looks likely) Marty walks and the two end up with a legal battle or settlement. It might be scripted that way since Drassner still doesn't like the cut of Marty's jib.

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if anyone thinks that getting a new punt or kickoff returner is our #1 priority heading into the offseason, then I question how many of our games has that person sat down and watched since September?

when a team is #28 in pass offense I can guarantee you that there are more pressing needs. when the team gives up 200 yards on the ground TWICE to the 4-9 Cowboys, I can guarantee you that there are more pressing needs.......

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The 'girls are one of the best running teams in the NFL with They are the third best behind San Fran who has an excellent passing game and Pittsburg who has a credible passing game. Even if you take away their performance against the Redskins both times, their still in the top ten.

So don't be too upset about their problems with Dallas' running game, their performance was only slightly above average. Still, I'd like to stop if a little more.



As for the Redskins 'D', since the first five games when they would have had problems tackling my mother, they've allowed almost 97 yards in the running game (that includes 215 given to Dallas) and only a touch more than 194 yards in the passing game. I think a better pass rush might create some more scoring opportunities (turnovers and shorter fields) while being more consitent against the run might increase our plays per game and force our opposition to be more predictable.

In Banks, we've got a qb who is about middle of the road although Walsh likes him (belives he can be a top qb with the right circumstances). Of course, somebody like Dilfer might come cheaper but that'd be stop gap but might work if we believe we can develop Sage or get a blue-chipper in the draft. If Banks' supported by a GOOD cast, he'll win 10-12 games, problem would be if a disaster came about, then that 10-12 will be 6-8. Can they improve? Best option seems to be somebody like Brunell (I am worried about his tendency to get sacked but still have a high completion % since the last time I saw that, the qb held onto the ball rather than throw an incompletion) about the right age assuming Sage can be developed (big assumption) or we can get somebody like Leftwich for cheap (a second or third rounder). If Carr is available in our slot, he might just be the best footballer available but that means we have to give up on Sage (maybe we should) and accept what would probably be a lost season (don't know if that is acceptable).

Conway's been average (but that's much better than last year). Barker has not shined but has done a credible job (for example, he's one of the best at putting the ball inside the 20 and even though he's averaged just over 41 yards/punt, his longest one is just 59 yards). Problem with Bates is that he only does special teams but he does that well. Metcalf has returned kickoffs with success and has shown he can still play WR. Question on him would be his age and what about his problem with inopportune fumbles. Serwanga has shown some of the same special teams defense capability that Bates shows, but who'd be the other gunner?

BTW, funny thing would be to sign Dilfer and keep Banks. We have a defense that could potentially be the best scoring defense in the NFL (in the last 8 games, we've been giving up about 14/game). Improve the defense a little with a big body. We got the formula used to get the GAME before...Okay its a stretch but I can dream!

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Replace both kickers.

Resign K Lang and move him to starting DE with Smith as the pass rushing DE or on the expansion draft.

Raymer is UFA but Brandt should press for starting Center.

resign both Szott and Coleman Szott will come cheaper since he's Marty's boy.

I agree with moving Lavar to MLB and Starting Pierce. Do we resign Barber to a modest price and play him on the Weakside?

Find a decent QB ie Dilfer or roll the dice with Graham and Sage.


Take A Sip of the Marty KoolAid and Believe.

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