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Movies you like and nobody else does...


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It seems like everyone I know has a few movies that they really like that not many other people do. I was wondering what they were for you guys, here are a few of mine:

-The Ninth Gate

-Vanilla Sky


-Son in Law

I"m sure I'll think of others as this thread progresses...

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I have yet to meet anyone who didn't LOVE Pirates of the Carribean!!

Unbreakable was terrific, although my wife wasn't impressed.

Dark City would probably be the one I'd have to admit to. Kiefer Sutherland was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE, but the cinemaphotography and the premise I thought were brilliant. If only they'd gotten someone else to play Sutherland's part, the movie would've been phenomenal.

Tommy (the Who's Rock Opera) is another one I like, but wouldn't recommend to anyone.

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Unbreakable was great. I think a lot of people didn't understand that it was a comic book in the end.

Dark City is one of my favorite movies of all time. I remember seeing it with some friends in high school and I was the only one that didn't fall asleep.

Black Sheep and Tommy Boy still make me laugh to this day. Same goes for every Sandler movie. Oh and let's not forget the Mark Paul Gossellar (Zach from Saved by the Bell) classic, Dead Man on Campus.

I liked Vanilla Sky, and thought it was better than the spanish movie it was a remake of.

American Psycho is a great great movie. Most people that I talk to don't like it because they didn't seem to understand that the entire 2nd half of the movie was in his head. He shots a cop car once and it explodes! It's clearly not real. Anyway the book is even better than the movie.

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You guys are not alone here. I like all of these:

Donnie Darko


Royal Tennenbaums (I know a lot of people that like this)

The Game

I've never met anyone that said they didn't like Akira though. There are pleanty of anime haters out there, but most of them get off on disliking Miyazaki's stuff.

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