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Bob Probert has passed away


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No way! I loved watching Probert and Tie Domi scrap. Man, if Domi has any heart in him, he has to attend the funeral, and hopefully speak.

If memory serves - they were actually good friends. There was a group of brawlers (including Domi and Probert) that grew up together. I'm sure Domi is heartbroken.

Guess I was wrong: http://www.iviewtube.com/v/8248/bitter-rivals-bob-probert-and-tie-domi

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As a Red Wing fan... I don't think Probert got enough respect for his offensive game. For a fighter.... he was also a good hockey player that contributed regularly with points. Moreso than any other fighter I recall.

But he has a long history of alcohol and cocaine abuse. So it's not at all surprising he passed away at 45.

RIP Bob.

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Yanks, Knicks, red Wings? Damn DH, some excellent choices by you there.

Well, to be honest, I was originally an Expos and Sabres fan. But both franchises turned me off completely a very long time ago with their fire sales. It's impossible to root for a team that trades away their best and most popular players -- ALL OF THEM EVERY YEAR -- for prospects, draft choice or low-budget veterans.

Tom Barrasso was my favorite player of all-time... so I was torn when they traded him to the Penguins and tried to become a Pens fan. But I just couldn't enjoy the Stanley Cups like a true fan.

I was originally a Lakers fan too.... but just because all my friends were. So I decided to follow the Knicks the year after Mark Jackson won ROY.

I always like to "buy low". I started cheering for all the teams when they sucked :)

I was happy when the Red Wings and Yanks finally started winning and finally won a championship. But I haven't enjoyed their successive championships like a "die hard" fan.

That's why I consider myself a casual fan of those teams... with the exception of the Skins.

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