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OTA Tweets - 5/24/2010


Greatest athletes in these American cities  

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  1. 1. Greatest athletes in these American cities

    • Cincinatti - Pete Rose
    • Cincinatti - Johnny Bench
    • Cincinatti - Anthony Munoz
    • Cincinatti - Tony Perez
    • Cincinatti - Barry Larkin
    • Cincinatti - Oscar Robertson
    • Cleveland - LeBron James
    • Cleveland - Bob Feller
    • Cleveland - Cy Young
    • Cleveland - Jimm Brown
    • Carolinas - Steve Smith
    • Carolinas - Alonzo Mourning
    • Carolinas - Rod Brind'Amour
    • Carolinas - Sam Mills
    • Carolinas - Mugsy Boges
    • Carolinas - Reggie White
    • Chicago - Walter Payton
    • Chicago - Frank Thomas
    • Chicago - Ernie Banks
    • Chicago - Michael Jordan
    • Chicago - Gale Sayers
    • Dallas - Emmitt Smith
    • Dallas - Michael Irvin
    • Dallas - Troy Aikman
    • Dallas - Roger Staubach
    • Dallas - Rolando Blackman
    • Dallas - Mike Modano

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I will keep this as up to date as possible.


DeAngelo Hall has picked off McNabb twice in today's OTA.


RT @LarryWeisman: #Redskins WR Santana Moss (knee) working full in OTAs today.


This is the first OTA where I've watched # 39 run & understood why he was called "Fast" Willie Parker.


Lot of energy at today's OTA. By which I really mean "lot of yelling and cursing". #redskins


For better or for worse, #redskins most consistent offensive weapon today has been Roydell Williams working the sideline.


Mike Shanahan, coming off the field after today's OTA: "We're makin' strides." Seemed generally upbeat. #Redskins #NFL


#RedskinsBlitz OTAs, week 2: Redskins back on the field today. WR Santana Moss (knee) seemed to be working full ag... http://bit.ly/9EGwtI


#Redskins P Josh Bidwell has never held for a left-footed kicker. New K Justin Medlock is a lefty. Uh oh. http://is.gd/cnzqb #NFL

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Roydell lights up every training camp

And its funny.....last season people would blow this tread up with hateful Jason Campbell comments if he were picked off twice..........glad those days are over.

The criticism will begin once the Iggles fans see that. :silly:

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Mike Shanahan, coming off the field after today's OTA: "We're makin' strides." Seemed generally upbeat. #Redskins #NFL 18 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Glad to hear this :) It's been an off season full of ups and down and DRAMA already,it's nice to hear the team is making strides.

Thanks S4P for the updates:)

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