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Defensive Tackle Solution


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I hear that Jerry DeLoach is still available for a ham sandwich from the Houston Texans :)

Heck, maybe we can trade back Wuerffel :laugh:

Hey, if you are laughing too hard, just go check out the list of available free agents, it will sober you up quick.

33 year old Sean Gilbert right now is probably the most recognizable player.

I sure hope one of these DL rich teams like New Orleans, Baltimore or Miami lets somebody go the last week of August :)

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Originally posted by inmate running the asylum

I think this might wind up being the solution. :D

LE - Regan Upshaw

Peppi Zellner

Greg Scott

LT - Renaldo Wynn

Jermaine Haley

RT - Brandon Noble

Delbert Cowsette or James Cannida

RE - Bruce Smith

LaDairus Jackson

There we go. Have some faith in your team.

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Originally posted by KINGBRICE_28

why did we let carl powel go again?:shoothead

Because Powell was no better than any in the rogue's gallery we now have, but he wanted (and got) more money from his pal and mentor, Marvin Lewis in Cincy.
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Originally posted by redman

The good news is that we have a ham sandwich to trade them - Hamdan.

But I thought Sean Gilbert had found God . . . or was it that ham sandwich, I forget? ;)

Knowing Sean Gilbert, he probally either found the ham sandwich as he was praying OR he prayed FOR the ham sandwich

:silly: :silly: :silly:

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Hey.... I taped the Skin/Cat game from last weekend... watched it and reviewed the depth.... and I'm afraid Greg Scott is no longer an option. That guy is got more "junk in the trunk" than anyone I've seen in the NFL. Furthermore, the new found girth has affected his balance... making him fall easily.... not to mention slowed him down. He's a camp cut for sure now.

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