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Super Bowl GameDay Thread


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So you had power at 4:44 AM? And woke up at 4:44 AM to start this thread? Lol

Anyway I'm just glad I will be able to watch the Super Bowl today. The power was out all day yesterday and I was worried that the power wouldn't come on in time for the Super Bowl. So now I'll be able to watch the SB LIVE just like everyone else

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I dunno.........that "whodat" chant is really annoying. I'd rather not hear it again. Go Colts!

THANK YOU! I hate that stupid thing. If there were no other reasons (and there are other reasons) I would want them to lose just because of that.

As it is, I hope that this will be the first SB to go into overtime. And I hope that the game is won on the first possession. That will give everyone something to talk about during the offseason. :silly: If you thought Colts/Bolts from last year was something, just think of how crazy it would get for the SB.

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I am neutral in this SB

I just want to see a good game, whether it's 20-17 or 17-14 or 35-28 , as long as the score remains close and competitive I'm happy

To be honest I would love for the Colts to win but I won't be as angry as I was in 2007-08 should Saints win

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Reggie Bush could very well be the MVP in my opinion. I can see him doing big things in the return game.
Yes he could do it but would require a monster day out of the backfield and in the return game.

I'd love to see a Saint defender like Will Smith get it for disrupting Manning all day.

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