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AP:Ramsey Scales Back


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After dizzying week of fans and media, Ramsey scales back

By JOSEPH WHITE, AP Sports Writer

August 7, 2003

ASHBURN, Va. (AP) -- On the first day of training camp, the media throng around Patrick Ramsey was so large that he had to stand on a bench so everyone could see him.

On the second day, he had to perch on an equipment truck.

By the third, fourth and fifth days, the reporters were down to a hoard, and they were content simply to back Ramsey up against a tree.

After a whirlwind week that included more than 20 separate interviews for their second-year quarterback, the Washington Redskins are scaling back. In an attempt to avoid time management overload, Ramsey will meet the media just twice a week after practice for the rest of the preseason.

``It suits me a little better,'' Ramsey told the 15 or so people who surrounded him Thursday. ``You guys don't bother me, but it's a lot easier.''

Even before training camp, the Redskins were concerned about the load on Ramsey's shoulders. The success of the season hinges on the 24-year-old quarterback, and he's playing in a city where -- as the saying goes -- he's only second in importance to the president of the United States.

``I've talked to him quite a bit about it,'' said tackle Jon Jansen, Ramsey's best friend on the team. ``Saying, 'Hey, let's make sure we're getting the business of football done.' This stuff all comes second, dealing with the media and dealing with fans. If you don't do your business in here, nothing else matters.''

The Redskins took the unusual step of designating one person, Pat Wixted in the public relations department, to handle all of Ramsey's media requests.

For a week, Ramsey endured seven days of the same questions over and over, often sounding hoarse after a day of barking signals. After a while, the answers become endless, tiring reruns.

``It depends on what kind of mood you're in that day,'' Ramsey said. ``You get the speed question a lot. You get the 'How's it feel?' You've got to expect it. That's what people want to know. It's what the fans want to know.''

There is little free time for the Redskins during camp, perhaps a bit after lunch and maybe 90 minutes or so in the evening before bedtime. The longer Ramsey talks, the less time he gets to rest.

Backup Rob Johnson knows. When he first became a starter in Buffalo, a coach told him the hardest part of the job was time management.

``Your focus is playing,'' Johnson said. ``But you'll have all the other distractions pointing at you.''

Now Johnson, in his ninth season, is giving advice to Ramsey. He suggested that Ramsey cut back the session with reporters to just once a week, but he said the young quarterback has so far displayed a temperament that can deal with the hoopla.

``He doesn't mind it,'' Johnson said. ``I've never heard him complain.''

Sure enough, Ramsey was in no rush to leave for lunch or rest after Thursday morning's practice. He responded to cries of ``Ramsey! Ramsey!'' from the autograph line and signed his name for more than 20 minutes.

Then he met with the reporters, answering some of the same old questions yet again. He looked very tired, but he was polite as ever.

``Today I had a little energy, so I decided to go sign a few,'' Ramsey said. ``I'm not a guy who rests a lot in the middle of the day, and as you can hear, they're very eager to get autographs.''

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Originally posted by Montilar

That won't be how Ramsey answers that. :)

He will respond, " Jon and I have the guns loaded in his truck and we're going to bag us a bear or two. (And maybe an eagle if we see one.) " :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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That is hilarious! I've been watching this board for a year now, and that is one of the funniest things i have ever seen. Mainly because you have no clue how true that is. Except it will be deer and duck. Not many bears in this area. Pat has got to see this.

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