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What has Spurrior said about the Cowboys this year?


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To my knowledge, on the day he was hired he said he would be especially happy to hand dan snyder a game ball after beating Dallas.

I guess that's talking all kinds of stuff, but not where I come from. that's barely ruffling feathers.


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After 3 years of 5-11, I'd really like to see us set our sight higher. Now that the streak is over, dallas can make us "their big game" if they want. I really want to see match ups -- like La Var vs. McNabb & La Var vs. Shockney. Who is worthy of La Var on the Cowboys?

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This is why the media keeps a mic aimed at Spurrier

Steve Spurrier, Florida football coach, telling Gator fans that a fire at Auburn's football dorm had destroyed 20 books: "But the real tragedy was that 15 hadn't been colored yet." (1991)

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you know, when Parcells took over I thought he would make more moves to improve the team for 2003. More veterans. A few trades to shake things up.

he didn't do much of that. instead he is taking Year 1 to see what he has and has used the draft to build with.

that is perhaps a good sign for the team that he plans on fulfilling his 3 year contract and will stay around to see the team improve gradually.

I think teams with renowned coaches like Kansas City with Vermeil and Miami with Johnson were less successful than hoped because those coaches didn't show the same kind of patience as they had in previous stops that made them famous.

Both originally built their teams through the draft. Johnson and Jones did that in Dallas. Vermeil did that in Philly and again in St. Louis.

But both went out and spent a bunch of money on free agents and vet trades in KC and Miami to try and jumpstart the teams to win right away.

The alchemy just didn't work out :(

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