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insomniac's.... ?


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Great list but besides good use of timeouts and the returners, I think the skins have been pretty good with that first paragraph. Perhaps more shot gun. 3rd down conversions were really just an issue at Detroit.

Really? Have we been watching the same games? Agree to disagree I guess....

As far as DT and MK, I don't know what to say- I know MK is injured... Again, but I don't know why they aren't getting the ball more besides tha fact that it is hard to go deep when your O-line dictates a 3 step drop.

So let them run some slants and get them in the game!


Watching Playbook on NFLN and Theisman just picked the Chiefs:doh:

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Thats great that you think that but I really don't know why you would. Our line on paper is probably the worst in the league right now.

I think we got to give these guys a chance to prove themselves before we throw them under the bus. Consider this, Heyer goes to left tackle a position that he played in college and I think is more comfortable playing, big Mike back at his regular right tackle spot, and Montgomery the best of the back-ups at right guard. I think the line will surprise everyone today.

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It's bad when the legends start picking against / hating on the skins. I can't really blame them, but it's bad.

The Los Angeles Times has picked the Giants, Lions, and Panthers to beat the Redskins. This Friday they picked the Chiefs. So far they are 5-0 in picking Redskins games :mad:

Oh well I still think the Redskins will beat the Chiefs.


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I'm watching this stupid Huskies vs. ASU game.

I've watched all the UW games this year (it's a regional thing).

I don't understand why a big deal is being made about Locker.

Of course, I hate all college football right now because both KU and Vtech lost today.


yea Locker looked horrible tonight :doh:

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