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When Will the Redskins score 30pts?


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If my memory is correct the last time the Redskins scored 30pts+ was in the victory @ Minnesota in '07. As long as the Redskins win I'm happy, but it would be nice to see them throw up 30pts in a game at least once a season. Do you guys see us scoring 30pts against anybody on the remainder of the schedule? If so which team will it be against? I think this week's KC game is our last chance to be honest. Oakland is on the schedule, but I don't even know if the Redskins can score 20 points at this point. On the bright side the Redskins haven't given up 30pts in the regular season since they lost to philly at home in '07.


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change the QB, 30 points could be scored.

It's funny that the last time we did score 30+ points was when the QB that currently is on the bench was actually on the field.

Also, when was the last time we averaged 26+ points in a 4 game span? Oh yeah, the same time that the QB that is currently on the bench was actually on the field...

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