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  1. Where is Vigil or Dion-Hamilton??
  2. Just wait.. we'll be down by 15 soon..
  3. Saeth29

    Gameday Thread

    I feel like I'm watching a Jay Gruden called game.
  4. Saeth29

    Gameday Thread

    Yep, I didn't realize the Saints played that day too...
  5. Saeth29

    Gameday Thread

    Nevermind, didn't realize Saints played Thursday...
  6. I think that last play should have counted... Just saying..
  7. If Reed followed through on his route that was a TD.
  8. I counted three times!
  9. Saeth29

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    Which is why I think those two or three throws to Doctson seemed out of the blue good. I haven't seen many throws inside the numbers this year -- and you're right it's because all the routes lead to the sideline...
  10. Saeth29

    Does Doctson even care?

    I remember his look after this play... to me it seemed like he was annoyed the play was being brought back. He actually got a change to make a play and it doesn't count... and I think he bothered him. At least there's some emotion! lol
  11. I screamed the same thing about Bibbs!
  12. These other backs have NO vision at all! It makes all the difference.