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  1. My wife just said the same thing and she's barely paid attention to any of the games this year. It's clear that Heinicke has a huge grasp on this offense and could be special if he's given a chance and they build around him.
  2. I would think the Bears as the 7th seed would be playing Green Bay of they win.
  3. Yep.. potentially giving WFT another home game if somehow the Bears win, as well.
  4. Is it this one? Looks like NFLShop has them available.
  5. I will definitely take that Tequila. Smith just gained some cool points with me.
  6. One stat that's left out is the 2020 defense played almost 100 less snaps than the 2019 defense. Seems we are getting home (sacks) more often since we have more sacks this year than last.
  7. To take it a step further, during the 5-2 stretch, we held our opponents to an average of 9.4 fewer points in the 2nd half than what they usually scored the rest of the season. If we extrapolate that to this game with the Bucs, in which they average 15.4 points in the 2nd half, we should hold them to under 7 points. If we are able to go into the half, at say a 13-10 or maybe a 17-10 ballgame, I would feel very good with our chances of shutting them down with our D, and hopefully generating enough points on O to win a tight one.
  8. Has JD ran the ball at all? We need a change of pace right about now.
  9. Not sure where else to post this from The Athletic. Hope it's not too long to post.. but thought it was a good read on RR's battles this year:
  10. Problem is... The Giants or Cowboys can do this as well! All three teams were 2-7 this year
  11. Was Haskins's QB rating at halftime yesterday.
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