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Oh! Danny... B-O-Y! The fantasy football KING!(Merged)


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I've posted a few negative threads this evening because I am extremely disappointed over the results of Sunday's game vs. the Giants. Who isn't? Right?

We as fans have to realize the following:

  • Our team is owned by a gazillionare fantasy football junkie.
  • Our GM is the gazillionare's BFFJF (Best Fantasy Football Junkie Friend-aka Vinne Cerrato)
  • Every one of our offensive linemen is either someone else's second string something (Rabach), a free agent (Dockery and Thomas) or a project (Heyer). Good players but 'plug-ins' all.
  • Every one of our starting defensive linemen has 'made' the team through free agency with the exception of Orakpo. Orakpo is not a starting down lineman in the NFC East... at least not this season.
  • Our players know the coach will change before they get put on the street with the exception of Jason Campbell. (Status quo when playing on Danny & Vinny's fantasy football team.) They always have a finger pointing uphill from them and downhill from ownership... an easy out for everyone who SHOULD be accountable.
  • Our hungriest players provide the most promise (Marko & Mason are just examples) but seldom are allowed the ability to develop that promise because they are drafted to support a free agent on the depth chart or they are drafted to support a high draft pick who 'expects' to start because of his contract.

The bottom line? Danny 'Boy' Snyder does not understand 'MEN'. Take a look around the league. Do you see the volume of blue collar draft picks on other successful teams making big contributions all over the field?

Why does this happen?

Because the Giants put a coach and GM in charge and allow them to do what they do best. Lead MEN.

Because the Eagles put a coach and GM in charge and allow them to do what they do best. Lead MEN.

Because the Steelers put a coach and GM in charge and allow them to do what they do best. Lead MEN.

Pittsburgh is a shining example (New England is all Bill Bellichek <sp>) of this formula. All the players know the coach leaves when 'he' is ready to quit. They draft LINEMEN every year and fortify their ranks. The only offensive stars they have are Ben and Heinz. Look at what they accomplish!

Every team that wins consistently follows the formula that fosters the possibility of developing 'IT'.

'IT' cannot be purchased like a trading card.

We don't have 'IT'.

Sure... If the Skins were an AFC or NFC west team they would have a semblance of 'IT'. We don't because we are in the NFC east... a VERY physical division. Our team is not hungry, capable, or deep enough to take this division. They are SPOILED financially for doing nothing for Danny's program before they join Danny's program.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the Redskins website vs. the rest in the division. What you will find is a site based on the promotion of the individual over the team. I know the Eagles and Giants do not play a c**k worship game to make their money. Dallas does.

The only difference between Jerry Jones and Danny B-O-Y is Jones actually played the game. Danny wishes his little dingy could be safely exposed in the shower or he would have tried out in pop warner.

So all I have to say is "Dream on Danny b-o-y. You ain't ever gonna buy the NFC East. You'll go broke before you do. The only way you'll ever win 'IT' is the moment you spend ALL your money. If you do that, you lose your image of MAN-hood in the process."

I've been to countless games over Danny's tenure. I'll never give that man another dime of my money. Why piss it down the drain? Let him do that with his own. I'll keep my fist tight on it until he learns or sells out.

As long as we support this foolishness he'll keep up the status quo... Playing 'FANTASY' football.

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BTW, I basically agree with you, but variations on this basic theme have been made soooooooooo many times. I mean like eleventy quintillion at least.

I'm sure. I have only been present on this site for a Danny Boy portion of that percentage... therefore I consider my self exonerated from any bias I may receive from venting!

Works in my world!

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Every one of our offensive linemen is either someone else's second string something (Rabach), a free agent (Dockery and Thomas) or a project (Heyer). Good players but 'plug-ins' all.

Dockery was drafted by the Redskins let's not forget.He left for more money ,otherwise he would've remained a Redskin.

The rest I skimmed over smelled like :pooh: quite honestly.

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and Santonio Holmes,Willie Parker,Heath Miller,Mewelde Moore.

Holmes: A guy known mostly because the Cardinals DB's didn't know where the sideline was in the endzone of the superbowl. He's never broken 1000 yards or 60 catches. Something Moss for example has done several times.

Wille Parker: Really good running back. Definitely one of their stars.

Heath Miller: No where NEAR the production of TE you could refer to as star players.

Mewelde Moore: Oh get out of here. Calling this guy a star? Put down the pipe. He's broken 600 yards rushing ONCE and got bounced off the Vikings.

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I am in uncharted waters with all this stuff going on...but I am sensing from what I read on here that there may be certain issues with the performance level of key people in this football organization...specifically, it seems, the quarterback Mr. Campbell, and Coach Zorn, and the CEO, Dan Ba'al Zebûb, among others.

I apologize if I have interpreted the information and opinions made available in this forum incorrectly.

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