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The worst part about the Eagles game is they will win and you will hear how amazing they are going to be but nothing they have done today is worthy of the attention they will receive.

Are you crazy? They played amazing defense on the road against a team with an amazing running game that finished 12-4 last season.

Eagles defense did what they did against a team that went 12-4 last season.

7 turnovers

5 sacks

1 defensive touchdown (2 pick sixes were dropped)

169 total yards allowed

Williams held to 2.6 yards on 14 attempts

Stewart held to 3.2 yards on 11 attempts.

With the game long over with 30-40 seconds left in the game, they still stuffed the Panthers on a 4th and goal at the 1 yard line. Not to mention that the offense was unable to do anything once McNabb went out in the 3rd, so the defense completely dominated that game. On the road. You can try to blame it on Delhomme but every qb that the Panthers put out there, and they put out all of their QBs, the Eagles defense made them look silly.

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7 turnovers, 5 sacks, 180 yards total. Here is your sign.

lmao. they lucky mcnabb fractured a rib on his TD run.. we woulda hung a fifty burger on 'em. i hope they keep mcnabb out next week and start vick week 3 in kansas city. we get the bye week 4 so mcnabb can be suited up week 5 after a good 4 weeks of recovery.

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