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The Redskins a Playoff Team?! ESPN's Bill Simmons NFL Predictions


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After all of the experts picking 8-8's for the Skins across the board it's just a great feeling having one stud in our corner. Thanks Bill Simmons

Playoff Teams

1. Green Bay, 12-4

2. N.Y. Giants, 11-5

3. New Orleans, 11-5

4. Seattle, 9-7

5. Chicago, 10-6 (wild card)

6. Washington, 10-6 (wild card)


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Why all the sudden is everyone warming up to us?


Is this some sort of conspiracy?


Or is there something I am missing?


I like it. It seems ever since Clayton took the plunge, a lot of people are putting us on their radar as a sleeper or playoff potential team. I like it.

Well...that answers my question.

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That's good someone is noticing but I'd rather play under the radar for a little while

Whether we play under the radar will be determined by what we do against the Giants. If we win, we'll be on the radar no question. If we lose, people may write us off. Especially if we lose like we did last season...

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I'm not buying the Seahawks this year. I just don't think they will be that good of a team, and they kept some of the troubled wideouts they've had injury problems with in the past. And at RB? AN aging Edge, and Julius Jones? Not buying it, it would be more likely for ZOna to repeat, or for the Rams or Niners to step it up, and it won't take much to do it either.

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