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Why I Hate My Little Cousin


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Man, that Clinton Portis is such a cancer to this team... I swear, it's all about him... If he can't be the center of attention, he's going to cry about it...

I mean look at this picture... He obviously had the kid stand back 10 feet so that the kid would look shorter than him...

Even at the game I went to in Cincy... When everyone was going into the tunnel after the game... Clinton had the AUDACITY to come over to us, the only 2 Redskins fans in the section and throw us each one of his gloves...


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I've seen CP about 5 times in clubs in DC and he's always been cool. The first few times I saw him, he spoke to me before I could speak to him. One time me and my friends were in his reserved VIP section at the club and insead of being an a-hole he just asked if we could move down a little.

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