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Extremeskins Taboo (the game, sort of)


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While reading one of our latest dustups, I got to thinking that there are a lot of repetetive posters here, myself included. And, picking on Larry a bit, I began to wonder if, like an Italian with his hands tied behind his back, he'd be unable to post without certain words, like "liar" or "discrimination".

This struck me as kind of funny, so I thought we could try a game. In Taboo, one has to make the audience guess a word without using it or five other words like it.

To play this version, list a poster, and five (or six) words he or she would be banned from using. Of course, to be really fun, that poster would agree to actually not use them for a period of time, but I know I'm not doing that, so instead we can give our fellow posters a hard time.

Here's mine:

Larry: discrimination, lying, liar, because, "..."

Snydershrugged: Ron, Paul, Dr., liberty, constitutional

I'd do myself, but that wouldn't be fair. :)

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