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Luxury yachts offer pirate hunting cruises off Somali coast.....


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question to those who don't like this. Would you feel better about it if people were paid to protect ships from pirates by killing the pirates when said ships were attacked?

I think so yes...to me there's a difference between defending the boat you're on, and baiting these guys for the sole purpose of shooting them. To me, it's entrapment with much greater consequences. But I may be the one confused, because like I said, if these folks were employed by the ships being hijacked, then I would have no problem with them shooting once the pirates attack.

Oh, and I agree with whoever wrote this earlier, hiding behind ex special-forces guys is weak. If you're going to go out hunting people, at least have the sack to accept what may happen to you.

Edit* After looking at that website, this does seem fake.

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your acting as if the crew from the minnow are going on a hunting cruise. I am willing to bet a lot of these people probably fire guns on a regular basis, some probably ex-military.

We have laws / rehab / prison for law breakers. The somalis 1. Do not have a government to enforce the laws the pirates break 2. The pirates do not have anyone to enforce the law for lets say shooting grenade launchers at cruise ships carrying thousands of innocent people

the bible doesn't have a problem with defending and fighting evil. David vs. Goliath comes to mind.

Nice try tough.

In all fairness the pirate thing is getting out of control.

We have two options

1. Wait for many years for some government or the un:laugh: (yeah right) to take action or

2. Vigilantes can take care of the problem

at this point #2 seems like the best option.

Don't forget they are hijcking shipments (cargo boat loads aka thousands of lbs of food) full of humanitarian aid.


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