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  1. Mooney

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Washington Lincolns.
  2. Mooney

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    who was sent home from winter leagues for sucking out
  3. Mooney

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    The name change was another of Susan O'Malley's failed marketing disasters. The "violence" correlation was cover.
  4. Mooney

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Agree 100% GACOLB. Basketball is king on the streets of DC. Always has been. It's amazing the lack of elementary knowledge about basketball and its presence in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Rated PG What's the hoops hotbed of the US right now? Chicago? No. LA? Nope. NYC? Sorry. Welcome to Prince George's County, MD. by Chris Palmer It happens before every game, a reunion of sorts, one player pausing to catch up with another from his playing past. On this December night in Miami, Michael Beasley walks to halfcourt, head ****ed slightly to the side, a sheepish grin on his face. Waiting for him is Kevin Durant. Cradling a basketball behind his back in his left hand, Durant extends his right for the familiar half-hug. "What's up, boy?" he says. "How do you like Miami?" Beasley smiles. "Man, this place is crazy," he replies. "Just crazy." There is an awkwardness between them, like close school friends hooking up again after summer vacation. Besides, being cool doesn't allow for poignancy. Their eyes, though, say what their mouths can't: Man, we're here. Most of the crowd has yet to arrive. Trainers stretch long-limbed players. Scurrying ball boys track down wayward balls. Refs try to loosen aging hamstrings. The early-bird kids clamor for a D-Wade signature. None of them notices the brief meeting at center court. "How you making it?" Durant asks. "I've been watching you on the highlights." "Just trying to take it all in," Beasley responds. Ten years ago, not even the wisest hoops sage could have foreseen tonight's half-court summit. But now, as the future stars head to their own side of the floor, they don't need anyone else to validate the shared moment. They will forever be connected by a dream fulfilled, a dream that first took shape in a rickety Maryland gym. The backboards in the Seat Pleasant Activity Center tell an indelible story. A scattershot array of fingerprints smudges the glass. To be fair, it's barely glass anymore. With the opacity degraded beyond restoration, it's more like wax paper trimmed with tattered foam and held in place by electrical tape. But the fingerprints, signatures of a thousand ghosts, stand out. click link for rest Why DC Basketball? click link for article
  5. Mooney

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread New York Yankees should feel right at home vs. struggling Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards BY Jesse Spector DAILY NEWS SPORTS WRITER Tuesday, April 27th 2010, 1:44 PM Phil Hughes aims to keep his unbeaten record intact Tuesday night at Baltimore's Camden Yards. The Yankees begin the final series of a three-city road trip on Tuesday, but it's likely that they'll feel right at home as they take on the last-place Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards. In six home dates so far, the Orioles have drawn an average of 20,941 fans. Take away the nearly 49,000 who came to Baltimore's home opener, and the average crowd on once-jammed Eutaw Street has been 15,351. The numbers figure to rise this week, largely because Baltimore will spend the next three days masquerading as the South Bronx. The really South Bronx. Read more:
  6. Mooney

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    Orioles lose in front of smallest crowd in Camden Yards history....... 9129.....ouch. The previous low was 10,130 set last May. Hope the Lerners don't take this as a personal challenge.
  7. Mooney

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    Then why are you crying?
  8. Mooney

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    Have a tissue.....
  9. Mooney

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    ....quit crying.....
  10. Mooney

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    ......apparently none.....
  11. Mooney

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    Busloads of Nationals fans left at Noon from DC..... They will be easy for you to differentiate from your fellow Philly fans......Washington fans have all their teeth.
  12. Mooney

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)