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How Many People Still Use Instant Messengers?


Which Social Networking Site do You Use the Most?  

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  1. 1. Which Social Networking Site do You Use the Most?

    • Facebook
    • Myspace
    • Twitter
    • Other (please list)
    • I don't do any social networking.

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I use it from time to time. I don't use facebook, myspace, twitter, or any of the other stuff. I used to use MSN rarely back in the day.

But I have AIM on my phone and will sometimes use it instead of texting because it is faster.

Or if I am texting someone and get home to my computer. I will charge my phone while basically still texting.

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AIM is long dead in my social circles. what's the point when everyone has a qwerty keyboard on their phones or is money at thumb texting? today's cell phones and Facebook have replaced the need for AIM

Same here. There was a time when I talked to all my friends on AIM. There would be times when pretty much all my friends were on AIM. Now I get on and if there are 10-15 people on there that's alot, and most are away anyways. Its just much easier to text them then it is to sit in front of the computer and hope they get on.

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