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What characteristics or qualities are necessary before you can call something human?


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What makes us human... or people? What characteristics, traits, qualities whether biological or other does an organism have to have to be called human.

Without relying on any resources, it's a bit harder than I thought to comprise a list, but I'd like to give it a shot. Please add, subtract, or criticize. I'm not sure if absolutely every item on the list is necessary, but I think all of them must exist during some part of the life cycle for an organism to be described as human.

I'll start with the things that make an object "alive"

Ability to reproduce


Grow (changing over time from child to maturity)

Then I would add some more subjective stuff...



Problem solving skills


Finally, I'd add a few necessary odds and ends




a certain specific set of bones and organs and basic DNA coding

hatred of the Dallas Cowboys

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So what you are saying is homosexuals are not human and do not need human rights such as marriage. :silly:

Homosexuals have the ability to reproduce... they choose not too (which from a Darwinian point of view makes no sence at all... which makes me wonder why creationists don't support homosexuality since they are working towards the same goal?) :evilg:

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Ugly, ugly, people have the ability to reproduce... it's the opportunity that they sometimes lacked.

Tony Randall fathered a child at 72. It's only the females of the species that lose their humaness as they age ;)

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