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BEx: It’s not close, Baltimore’s better


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It’s not close, Baltimore’s better

By Ron Snyder

Sports Reporter 12/7/08

If Baltimore Colts defensive linemen Art Donovan and Gino Marchetti ever had to face the Redskins offensive line — known as “The Hogs” — the Hall of Famers would have turned them into their personal ham sandwich.

If a team of the greatest Baltimore players took on an squad of the greatest Redskins, quarterback Johnny Unitas would prove why he’s “the Golden Arm.” He’d connect routinely with Raymond Berry — and there would be nothing cornerback Darrell Green could do to stop it. It’s not like the Redskins would have a pass rush: Unitas would have plenty of time to throw with arguably the two greatest offensive tackles ever — Jim Parker and Jonathan Ogden — shielding him.

If Unitas would have had Ogden protecting him, he might have thrown a touchdown pass in even more than just his record 47 straight games. And if he ever did feel pressure, Unitas would have plenty of safety nets, including Lenny Moore, Todd Heap and John Mackey to drop the ball off for a short pass, which could quickly turn into a big gain.

Cornerback Rod Woodson and safety Ed Reed would round up “The Posse” and eliminate any semblance of a Washington passing game. Woodson hit harder than any cornerback of his era and Reed has the two longest interception returns for a touchdown in NFL history

And how would the Redskins run the ball? With Donovan, Marchetti and “Big Daddy” Lipscomb up front and all-time great Ray Lewis behind them, it would be like trying to run through a brick wall. The Ravens haven’t allowed a 100-yard rusher in 31 straight games, largely because of Lewis’ dogged pursuit.

Then there’s coaching.

Yes, Joe Gibbs led the Redskins to three Super Bowl wins with three different quarterbacks, but he sure didn’t look like a Hall of Famer in his second stint in Washington, did he?

But he’s no Weeb Ewbank, whose superiority over Gibbs is worth at least a touchdown. Ewbank guided the Colts past the Giants in the 1958 NFL championship game. Eleven years later, Ewbank led the New York Jets to an improbable win over the Colts in Super Bowl III in one of the most significant games in NFL history.

So, bring on the burgundy and gold. Baltimore is just better.


Baltimore 30,

Washington 17.

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What a BS article. First of all, the Colts and Ravens are a completely different franchise. You can't include them as one, because the Colts(who Unitas played for) are now in Indy.This article is ridiculous. THe A ll Ravens team would feature Trent Dilfer at QB HaHAHAHA, with Jamal Lewis and I don't even know a famous wr from the Ravens. Whoever wrote that article is on some crack

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This sounds like it was written by a 20 year old, written in his bedroom and submitted to his class paper. :doh: There are zero stats and quotes from true football experts to actually state that these "superior" players that Baltimore has over Washington are actually the best.

Jon Ogden the greatest ever? Please. Give me Orlando Pace or Walter Jones in their primes, 10x over Ogden. And how exactly is his argument viable when he says the Posse wouldn't be able to do anything against Woodson and Reed, and then says that Unitas would be able to pass all over a secondary of Champ Bailey, Darrell Green, Sean Taylor, and Ken Houstan?! :doh:

Whoever wrote this is obviously a bitter, Baltimore homer superfan who is gloating at a time where he KNOWS his team has the advantage tomorrow. This is trash writing at its worst folks.

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