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The Say Something Nice Thread!


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Ok so mods,first off let me state that you can feel free to totally delete this if you want.

Anyway heres how this thread works, I have noticed recently a lot of anemosity among fellow board members, and seeing as it's the holiday season, were looking at a playoff, or paloff spot, i figure it's time to get in the holiday spirit and try to be nice to our fellow posters, and the players we watch. The thread is titled the say something nice thread, so it pretty much explains itself. This is a thread where you must say something nice about a player or poster, and whoever bashes someone gets a lifetime ban!

I'll start....Jason Campbell is the MAN!

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Im proud to wear my burgundy and gold and will defend my team until I have no breath left in me.

Zorn is doing great, CP is playing out of his mind, Campbell is controlling the ball a lot more, Blache has our D clicking well, Snyder is being a good owner and letting the personnel run the team.

and I miss all of my Canton brothers and sisters...:cheers:

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Jim Zorn has exceeded expectations and is just getting started

I love Clinton Portis effort and heart

Nothing but love for the Taylor family, we miss you Sean. God Bless.

And even when disagreeing with our fellow board members, this is the best Redskins board in the world.

World Class posters post here.

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I have a loving family. The skins are competing for the playoffs with a first year coach after 11 games. That has not happened in how many years - since Lombardi went 7-5 (?), or George Allen's first year or maybe Turner?

And with a few lineman next year can complete for a title - (maybe).

I have a good job. Life is pretty good.

Peace to all

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