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Where did the Rams & Dallass game go?


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It just dissappeared from Fox broadcast. I hope it comes back on, I was enjoying seeing Dallass getting blown out.:laugh:

Yeah it was a bad move by FOX....why the hell did they switch games? I was enjoying watching the blowout. You Failed Fox...:moon:

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I don't agree with that. yeah maybe they didn't want their ratings to drop, but come on. I can bet anyone 50 bucks that if it was Dallas blowing out the Rams, they would not have switched games.

Exactly right! I was pissed... I wanted to see every second of that blow out! I actually think it was a mistake on their part from a ratings standpoint also... I bet most people in our area would have preferred to continue to see the Pukes get slapped! Every dejected player on the bench, every weak effort by Witten, every bad throw by Brad, every blown deep coverage, was absolutely beautiful! I want to see it all again!

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