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  1. They actually exist...called shadow jerseys They should be renamed the Snyder version.
  2. Man....If a historic team like Red Soxs can change their logo and Unis, then it's about time the Skins do so as well.... PS: I don't really care if the logo changes, but we need new jerseys.
  3. Really? Where did you hear that? (I heard Larry Michael say it during the offseason, but he said it was not certain)
  4. **** the Boys!!! Great to see them fail. :dallasuck
  5. The Allwhites were great....when they were worn once in a while....but they look tacky wearing it all the time....
  6. **** the Cowboys! :dallasuck :logo: :point2sky
  7. I've got the first OFFICIAL **** Dallas Comment on the NEW EXTREMESKINS. :cool:
  8. I don't like this combo. Too much Burgundy. (Looks like Cherry-flavored Pepto Bismol)
  9. I love when we wear the Burgundys at home. If only the 70th Anniversary Jerseys would come back. (Especially now that we have a good team that will win in them.)
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