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Official NCAA 09 Tournament Thread: Registration Stages Now Open


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For those who are aware this game came out yesterday, and most should have been able to get their feet now.

I am going to be organizing a tournament for each platform if we can for users and we can see who the best is at the game in the first upcoming weeks.

This would be a fast way to shorten the time between now and the regular season and the debut of Madden

I will give people a 1 week practice against any users here or away to practice and hone in their game skills. In this 1 week, you need to play at least 1 other ES and post the results here. If you have not played anyone here, you will need to do so.

From there, i will split users in divisions and then you will need to play another 2 people.

We will use PF and PA for determining seeds.

If you have any suggestions, please speak up.

One suggestion, add in your live name and what platform


skinfan2k xbox360

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When will the tourny start? I am sending my 360 in for repair and will not be able to play until after the 27th at the earliest since I will be at camp the last 4 days. I would love to be a part of this tourny so if it is at all possible please let me know. Another option is that we start now and I wait to send in the Xbox, but I prefer to send my system in so it doesn't cause any disconnecting problems or anything.

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I would def be interested but i can only play at nights like after nine would that be a problem? and since we have a week anyone who wants to play so we can get the ES games done just shoot me a pm I will add you to my friendlist and we can schedule a game! Im def down for tonight around 9:30 or 10

rd421 PS3

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