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  1. Don't give Khan any credit that was just stupidity at its finest. Khan has the weakest chin in boxing desides to move up in weight to fight one of the most powerful punchers in boxing. Bottom line he was chasing money, couldn't get the lottery ticket to the Mayweather fight so goes up and fights the next guy. Khan could have stood in his weight class and fought Kell Brook or even revenge his lost to Garcia. Well he got his pay day this time he may never be the same he's done.
  2. Waiters was absolutely terrible You forgot the fan grabbing Adams arm, and Chris Webbers rant.
  3. Terrible missed call however the Spurs got the ball anyway, could have just called a time out instead they went scrambling around and got a open 3 by mills that was airballed.
  4. Have to put Adams on him and force him to hit fade away a, he's just backing Serge down all the way too the rim.
  5. This line up the Thunder have is is terrible. Waiters sucks
  6. Donovan has to be more alert with 12 seconds left playing defense he desides to keep the worst defensive line up in history on the floor. Payne, Waiters, Marrow, Durant and Kanter. Durant is solid but why not do a sub and get some defensive players in on that last play, instead you get a wide open 3 by Ginobi.
  7. John Wall wow! I am sorry for doubting you when you went through that tough stretch in November. So sorry won't do it again Hail John Wall!
  8. Oubré looks like he has no bounce looks horrible out there. These minutes he has to make it count be a difference, doesn't look aggressive out there.
  9. Ali floats and Floyd runs lol, Floyd never moved as much as Ali. Ali was a clincher as well, the double standard is ridiculous.
  10. I enjoy boxing in general I like the brawls but I also appreciate the Sweet Science of hit and not be hit. if anyone watched Ali he did way more "running " than Mayweather but he was loved. People talk about how boxing has fell and praise Ali that has done the exact same thing. As a matter of fact back then boxing was the most corrupt sport in the world and its sickening. Take a look at the Ali vs Sonny Liston phantom punch which was clearly fixed.
  11. No, Pauly has been as vocal as Mayweather if not more once Pac deined to do drug test.
  12. Yo DM, I haven't been on ES really the past month my thoughts on the IV is really I don't know. Where the hell was the communication with USDA? If he told them before then we all should have heard about it it's no reason this should come out two days before the fight. Do I think Floyd was on PEDS? No, imo I think he's getting to old and struggling to shed the weight. In the Pac fight he didn't do anything unusual as far as throw more punches or take a lot of punishment it was the opposite he threw less than normal and Pac didn't throw. Everything seems shady because of that snake Alex Ariza yo
  13. One Time was on his bike! hurt bad at the end of that round.
  14. Bradley is who he is he's not getting better,he's elite one of the toughest fighters in the game with skill to boot. Bradly short coming is he's small there's no around that can't improve on that he's a great mix of brawler/boxer., at 140 he wrecks people at 147 he loses power. Bradley, Thurman would be a excellent fight wish it could happen too bad it's very highly unlikely.
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