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All I can say is the left is destroying our country, lets kick back and watch it go down the tubes.

It seems that these kinds of statements are all you can say... I mean look at that gay thread of yours. You have no valid arguments just disjointed statements with no ability to defend them.

Name the era you want to go back to if you like and we can take a trip down memory lane together and kick over some trashcans.

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"Yes I have, thanks for asking.:doh:"

and which one had a common showering area?

don't ask/don't tell = just fine

flamers get broomed. guys just doing their job are appreciated.

nobody ever asked me for a "straight guy card" when I showed up in a helicopter to drag their asses out of jam

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I thought it was well known about the Spartan army. Was it the whole army or just certain divisions of it?

Spartans didn't have an large Standing Army really. At their peak they probably had around 3000 Hoplites. But it was a militaristic society and everyone from 7-60 was in the Army.

As far as their homosexuality, no. They were Pedifiles (sp) and stressed the Man-Boy relationship.

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In Ancient Greek culture, it was expected for young men to be used as lovers for older men. Keep in mind that this was a time when marriage took place among young teens. "Adulthood" was viewed very differently than it is today. (The very concept of "teenager" didn't come into existence until the 20th Century).

In Rome, it was not acceptable to have a young lover who was a free man, but it was fine to have a male lover who was a slave. And homosexuality was rampant in the legions. And pretty much every emperor had a male lover at some point.

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