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2008 NFL Suicide/Knockout Pool


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Im not really sure on how to go about doing this? Meaning, save teams like San Diego, Indy, and New England for later or pick them early to ensure a win. If you take them early, you kinda screw yourself for later weeks, but if you take a chance on a team that should win but isn't a power house and lose you're done.

Do you guys try to do any strategy? Like do you look ahead the next week to see who is playing and decide "oh, ill save them for next week."

You've gotta take the obvious (NE/Dallas) for the first couple of weeks, because last year the Browns beat the Bengals in the first week...

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I just noticed that one of the names in the pool is Dikembe Mutombo

One of my idiot friends. I've been running this pool for seven years now. Two times I did well. (I consider well being past the 10th or 12th week). The year when I played as myself, James Cariello, people accused me of cheating, even though the website clearly shows who the pick was every week. The second time, when I was Steve Sanders, nobody complained. So to battle whiners, I started the "fake name" trend, which unfortunately has caught on a little too well. Which is why you See Dikembe Mutombo, or (still to come) Hannah Montana, or John McCain.

Hmm... My name isn't on the list yet... am I in and did you get my pic?

You are in, and I did get your pick. I'm riding out the tropical storm today by building this website. I have another 250 people to add in.

Did you send a dirty photo of yourself along with the $20 buy in?

It would be appreciated if this practice would stop. No matter how dirty the picture is, you still won't get any buybacks..... :)

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I can't believe how many donkeys picked the Chiefs last week. Yeesh - they are the worst team in football right now!! And WVU - congrats on being the one person to pick the Skins. :) I'm going to save them for when we play St. Louis though. :ols:

Although, I will say I almost picked the Skins this week - but I decided AZ over Miami was too much of a lock to not take them.

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I was really tempted to take ATL at home this week vs KC, but im not sold on them. This is probably the most points ATL will be favored by all season (5 1/2)

Yeah, I'm torn between Atlanta over KC and Cincy @ NYG. KC has some complete unknown starting at QB, Thigpen or something. That could be either really bad or really good for them. And Cincy is god awful this year, but the Giants play poorly at home - the perfect set up for a rebound game for Cincy. Arggghh!

Seattle is also a good one, but Bulger is going to abuse their porous secondary I think. But if any team is going to get Seattle's offense going, its the Rams defense. Hmmm...

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