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Want low gas prices.... (edit) Get over it. Thanks Predicto.


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I have gotten this email several times at work and home.

This email is starting to remind me of Ms. Mugumbola from Nigeria who has $5,000,000 US dollars and he needs to transfer the funds before she is killed.

i tell her to transfer the funds i need her to send me 1000 american dollars cash and then she can transfer the funds.

She never responds till the next message

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This is one of the dumber chain e-mails I've seen. Common sense should tell one exactly what the economist on Snopes.com said. It's true of any commodity. That's why price control schemes don't work. If the oil companies can only sell it here for "X" dollars, they'll sell it overseas at the market rate instead and all we'll get here is a shortage of gas.

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You are right about that, sir. No way in hell it ever goes back down.

By the way - Exxon and Mobil are the same company. Someone should tell the Email guy.

It won't ever go back down due to the dollar and inflation :)

hey it was low for a looooooooong time so I am not complaining, and we are still no where near the levels of cost in europe :)

positives people, positives :silly:

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I heard .5% but either way the price will drop if people are willing to cut back their usage.

People needs to stop ****ing and find carpools.


I am trying to plan my schedule with my roommates for next year so we can all carpool together, ha. Hopefully it will work out.

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Can someone answer this....

When the price of a barrell of oil rises, the price is reflected at the pump the same day...

When the price of a barrell of oil falls, the price takes a few days to come down....


I'm not in the industry but here's my understanding of it. Say a wholesaler or investor buys oil or gas today at X dollars per gallon. Tomorrow the price drops. Now the wholesaler or incmvestor has all this oil/gas that he's bought at the higher price. Think he's going to just take the loss? :no: He'll maintain the higher price until he sells off all the old inventory bought at the higher price. If OTOH the price of oil/gas rises he simply immediately raises the price and takes the profit.

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