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Bryant Johnson said himself that he wants to be a Buffalo Bill


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I live near Buffalo and was watching the local news this morning.

They started talking about sports and said Bryant Johnson was in Buffalo for a visit and then they showed a video from the night before of Johnson talking about the Bills.

I can't remember the exact sentence he said anymore because it was 5:15 am but I know he said he wanted to be a Buffalo Bill.

I tried looking for the video online on the news stations website (wgrz.com) but I couldn't find it.

He could of just been saying to get signed or maybe he meant it.

Just thought I'd share.

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Wouldn't be surprised if he's just playing the Bills off of us trying to get a bigger contract. He also could legitimately want to play there, but its just like trusting a politician during election time. Could happen, but not likely.

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Who actually WANTS to play for the Bills? Doesn't he know that town has pale hairy white girls as far as the eye can see...........

I will say one thing....Buffalo has great tailgating. Best time I've ever had at a game. Bratwurst, beer, and 5 degree windchill.

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