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  1. Did anyone notice Undertaker and Kane wearing their belts around their waist last night? I didn't think any wrestlers did this anymore. It was old school..............
  2. Freddie Joe Floyd vs. Big Show would be a better fight..............
  3. I agree. This would look sweet. Why don't they ever wear it?
  4. TNA is garbage. It's all the drugged out losers who didn't have the skills or personality to make it in the WWE. Who watches that crap?
  5. None have ever tested positive. When you assume you make a DONKEY out of U AND ME......................
  6. He was also one of the boringest wrestlers ever. He couldn't put two words together behind the microphone. You need more than just physical skill to make it in wrestling. Let him go to TNA with all the other fired drug addicts. Good riddance................
  7. I agree. I think an all burgundy uni would be sweet. This might sound crazy but I even think an all yellow uni (similar to Oregon) would look pretty cool. We could of course keep the classic style but use the color of the face bar as the jersey.......