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Idea to really make a difference: Extremeskins Blood Drive (merged x2)


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I'm going to donate at a inova facility this week. Gameday blood donation would not be good because I usually have half a bottle of rum in my system.

Then again whoever receives it might enjoy the buzz ;) Great idea though.

Drinking before donating blood is a bad idea...it thins your blood...not a good thing

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I haven't given blood in a few years. The last time I did, they went all the way through my vein and out the other side. I had a softball-size bruise for almost two months. But in retrospect, I guess that's a very small price to pay for the chance to save a life.

I'm in. Let's come up with a date and do this folks

For Sean. :cheers:

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Wearing jerseys and t-shirts and having vigils is nice' date=' but I think a site this big with this many passionate people can make a real difference.

I just had this idea while watching Comcast. They said that they were able to replace all the blood Taylor lost. That means that the hospital had the supplies necessary during this critical period. I can't even imagine how many units they would have needed.

It got me to thinking: I work in healthcare and hospitals are always low on blood supplies. We are a big community spread out over a large region. We can make a difference.

Why not choose a day someday in December where everyone goes to their local blood banks/Red Cross/etc and gives. Have a thread and keep a running total. And then announce the results in honor of Sean. Maybe coordinate with someone at Redskins Park.[/quote']

I'd love to participate in something like that, but I can't. I went to donate blood after 9/11, and one of the first questions was whether or not you had a parent or grandparent that died of Jakob-Chreutzfeldt disease (human version of "mad cow"). My grandfather died of that in 1989, and while they don't think it's genetic, they can't be absolutely positive. So until they know for sure, any child or grandchild of such a person cannot donate. But I'd definitely be willing to donate for Sean if I could.

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and go out and find your local Red Cross and donate blood. Sean Taylor received several blood transfusions upon his arrival to the hospital, underscoring the value of giving blood.

I, like all of us, will be mourning his loss, but let's all get together and do the right thing so that perhaps the next time a tragedy like this strikes, the blood can be used to save lives.

Let's all go out and do the right thing.

RIP Sean.


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