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Idea to really make a difference: Extremeskins Blood Drive (merged x2)


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Wearing jerseys and t-shirts and having vigils is nice, but I think a site this big with this many passionate people can make a real difference.

I just had this idea while watching Comcast. They said that they were able to replace all the blood Taylor lost. That means that the hospital had the supplies necessary during this critical period. I can't even imagine how many units they would have needed.

It got me to thinking: I work in healthcare and hospitals are always low on blood supplies. We are a big community spread out over a large region. We can make a difference.

Why not choose a day someday in December where everyone goes to their local blood banks/Red Cross/etc and gives. Have a thread and keep a running total. And then announce the results in honor of Sean. Maybe coordinate with someone at Redskins Park.

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I don't think anyone can argue the fact that the plasma stored in local hosptials saved ST's life. I think it would be a great idea if ES/ Redskins started a nationwide blood drive. We could all give the gift of life this holiday season. We all feel helpless right about now and this would enable us to do a great deed in Sean's name and do something extremely positive.

Someone from the FO. could contact the American Red Cross and set up a collection center at Redskin park and other locations across the nation.


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I just got a tattoo in the past year otherwise I would give.


Take note Redskins office!! Definitely an idea for the game on Sunday!!

I am pretty sure the period for tattoo exclusion has been narrowed down to a few months or less..

Gameday is not the best idea due to the suds in many fans bellys..:2cents:

That said, count me in. Needles give me the heebie-jeebies, and I've admittedly been ignoring recorded messages from my local bank for scheduled visits, so I already have a call to answer.

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