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Wow--you have to wonder what kind of parent Andy Reid is.

If I was Andy, I would have paid someone to stay with my kid at all times, and get him to his damned appointments.

Unless I had the time to do it myself. I would probably get someone to do my job for a while while I devoted all of my time to my stupid azz kid.

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As someone who has put his parents through hell, I pray for Andy Reid and his wife. While I have not been as much of a moron as his kids, I know how hard it can be on the parents when your son or daughter is a screw-up. Jail is probably the best thing for his sons right now, but as parents it must be hard to tell yourself that.

As far as criticizing Reid's parenting skills, you can be the greatest dad in the world and still have a kid grow up to be an addict. The only thing I would say is that maybe the stress of such a time consuming job as being an NFL head coach, may have prevented him from seeing the problem earlier.

I loathe the Eagles, their city, their fans, etc., but I think people should just think and pray for Reid as his life is hell right now because of the poor choices made by his children not by him (except allowing Stallworth to go to NE...)

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