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PFT: Emmitt a Little Better (But Not Much)


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So we recorded Monday Night Countdown to study the performance of one Emmitt Smith, who has been horrible to date.

He was better this week, but not by much. Some of Emmitt's butcherings of the King's English included the following: (1) "there wasn't no written notes"; (2) "even if he get back to the football arena"; (3) "Michael gonna have to deal with this the rest of his life"; and (4) "when he have the time."

And Emmitt might be rubbing off a bit on Keyshawn Johnson, who let fly the term "supposably" on Monday night, and at one point nearly said "makesh-t" instead of "makeshift." (It actually came out "makeship" in the end.)

The substance from the two newcomers wasn't much better. They both took Mike Vick's statement from Monday at face value, assuming that he was telling the truth simply because he was speaking without notes.

But Vick likewise was speaking without notes when he lied to Roger Goodell and to Arthur Blank, and when Vick proclaimed to the world: "I'm never there. I'm never at the house. I left the house with my family members and my cousin. They just haven't been doing the right thing. The issue will get resolved."

We tend to agree with Tom Jackson of Countdown, who is one of the most solid and underrated NFL analysts of our time. Jackson essentially said that a four-minute speech doesn't wipe away a lifestyle of six years or longer that is now being pawned off as a brain fart. Then again, Jackson is sufficiently secure in his position with ESPN to not have to kiss Vick's butt in order to nail down the first on-camera sit-down with the fallen quarterback. Keyshawn and Emmitt are likely vying to fill Michael Irvin's niche of scoring the "gets" with the troubled NFL player du jour.

After Monday night, Johnson and Smith both have even more tape that might be used to get the Vick team to conclude that they are sufficiently friendly to the cause to be the ones to ask him "tough questions" like: (1) "What have you learned about yourself, Mike?"; (2) "What do you want to say to all of your fans, Mike?"; and/or (3) "When you say you found Jesus, was it a potato chip that looked like Him, or was it a cheese doodle?"

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The biggest problem with goons like Emmit and deion and irving being announcers is that it perpetuates a negative stereotype of footballers and blacks in general. There is a very large number of well educated well spoken black football players that could serve in these positions.

The message sent by announcers with a horrific grasp of the english language to black youth is that school is not important, rather athletic ability. While athletic ability will get some people out of poor situations, an education and the ability to sound coherent in interviews will serve far more.

They should be taken off the air and forced into diction and speech classes with miss teen south carolina (to be held in Iraq or South Africa)

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So Charles Mann did not want to do the Major Sports Media thing? Or was he just not loud mouth ghetto enough?

I agree with the poster who earlier said that they could very easily find former NFL players who can actually form real sentences in this languages. That just is not the priority when hiring.

Emmitt Smith's problem is as much about where he came from as anything I think. My grandmother, who is white, talks just like that, always has. She's just an old loud mouth southern church lady who needs to be put in a headlock anytime the Pukes are doing well in a game against the Skins, lol. But she's also always been a puke fan so who knows. Maybe it's a Puke thing. :D

Maybe Emmitt and Keyshawn spoke well before becoming Pukes, I have no idea but it didn't effect Aikman much.

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