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Next years starting qb is....


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Trent Green.

Before I get it from everyone here, hear me out.

1) Brunell is gibbs's guy. Not saying he is to blame for our losses so far, but he is starting to look his age. My belief is we wont see Cambell until Brunell blows a game for us al'a Bledsoe. I can honestly say Brunell has not made Bledsoe type mistakes this year, and that is why we haven't changed the qb.

2) There must be something going on in the whole Cambell affair, but I cant put my finger on it. He seems to have the physical skills. Looks like a million bucks as far as form goes, but then you hear he may not be that bright.

I dont get where that comes from. How did that get out to the public? Is someone saying this guy cant pick up the plays? I'll readily admit, based on some of Brunells preformances this year, I wonder how Cambell could do worse?

Redskins football involves running it down their throats, which is a pretty safe environment for a rookie qb when you have Portis, Betts, Sellers, and Duckett(who Im still waiting to see)

Next I hear that Gibbs does not like to go with rookie qb's. I dont buy it, but again I wonder why he hand picks Cambell, and doesn't give him a chance.

So with that in mind, what are the chances of us getting Green or Huard next year?

Based on KC's preformance, there may be pressure on them to make a change this off season. Im sure Saunders would love to have either of those guys as a Redskin. Danny boy has the balls to make it happen too.

The way I see it, perhaps we have Trent Green leading our team next year, which would make Saunders a very happy man.

You heard it here first


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Wake me up in 08 then. Here is why this is not going to work. Jason Campbell has soooooo much invested in him and if he doesn't start next year he would be entering the last year of his contract taking his first meaningful snaps. I hope I don't have to explain any further.

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To quote Frank Caliendo's hilarious stand-up...

"Half of that grass on the field is real....and half of that grass is fake..........................................................................but Brett Favre is all real"

"....you owe me fifty bucks"


The only reason I'm posting on this thread is because ES allstar Troy Fakeman has posted.

Please, preface the title of your thread to baseless opinion...until JC absolutely sucks balls for 3/4 of a season...he will be the QB of the future.


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I would take Trent Green over Byron Leftwich in a heartbeat. We should never have let him go in the first place....another mistake with the QB position. Really, it doesn't matter if we had Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, or even Joe Montana in his prime, until we run the same offense for more than 2 years, we will not be successful with anyone leading the offense...period. Trent Green has been a Pro Bowl QB in this system every year he has ran it, could be worse.

There is truth in the fact that JC may not be close to being ready to play. He is the 3rd string QB, only comment from Joe Gibbs is he works hard, I have yet to hear him say he is making progress and getting better. I believe Joe knows QB's better than anyone of us. Don't count out Brunell either, I would keep him before bringing in Leftwich, either way, we need to keep one offensive system in place for more than a minute.

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