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  1. Agree 100%! Darnold’s confidence could be shot, and he is shell shocked like David Carr or Matt Leinart.
  2. I think this draft will end up being a special one especially for offensive players which most fans want in the game. QB,LT,WR,RB all have multiple options.
  3. It is very similar to the hot takes in game day threads. Complete over reactions based on one game. Throw out all the college career accomplishments and rely on one game.... Lawrence has one a national championship vs Alabama, beat OSU in the Rose bowl to lose to LSU last year snd now lost in the Rose bowl to OSU. Based on last night he has now been exposed and will tumble in the draft?!? Based on the same logic I’m surprised Chase Young didn’t free fall after losing to Clemson last year.
  4. I don’t think this affects Lawrence at all. This game just renews the conversation of Lawrence and Fields being 1 and 1A. Biggest loser in this is Zach Wilson.
  5. He sure has answered his critics. No one should be scared of picking this OSU QB.
  6. Man I hope D Smith doesn’t end up in the NFCE. I would hate for us to face him twice a year in the future.
  7. Would Allen/Turner be a fair comparison be Kyle Shanahan/Rex Grossman? Guy won’t carry the team as a starter, but he understands and can run the offense which should help all the QB’s in the room.
  8. Unfortunately I think Mac Jones is going in round 1. I just hope we can stay at 19 and he falls to us. I worry about Det/Denver/SF/NE grabbing him after Lawrence,Wilson,Fields,and Lance are gone.
  9. I will give you that it was a massive failure to allow the owner to pick the QB based on the guy going to the same school as the owners son. However, Haskins fooled many draft “pundits” and most mock drafts had him as a first round pick, with some having him top 10. Everyone done messed up grading him. Jay had a lot of short comings but he could evaluate QB talent.
  10. Has anyone figured out how much of a cap hit an expensive vet QB is going to cost us? If we were to go with a Stafford, we are definitely letting Alex go, plus paying for Haskins hit. That has to represent a serious chunk of change for the QB position ($40-$50M?). Likewise, trading Stafford is going to be a $19-$24M hit to the cap for Detroit. Next year it drops to under $10M. Would it not be best for Detroit to hold Stafford 1 more year? New GM and HC can come in and see what they have on the roster. Do they really want to start with a new QB too? They are in a perfect spot t
  11. Absolutely! It wouldn’t surprise me if we end up with a Jones/Newman to “manage” games for us while we also surround that person with more talent.
  12. I’m more convinced now that Rivera is going to go with a game manager QB later in the draft and win with his defense. He has seen 2 undrafted QB’s out play the former starter. Granted he didn’t pick that starter, but I don’t see Rivera mortgaging the future in this draft.
  13. Good luck! By allowing him to play yesterday the team had already imposed discipline ($40k fine and stripped of captaincy). The NFLPA will have a field day. Can’t punish him twice for 1 offense.
  14. Lol! Too bad. Had they suspended him before the game they could have got out of the contract/cap hit
  15. I get it. I just think his career path is similar to Johnny football and more recent, where some people go back to Jamarcus or Leaf
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