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nbc is a joke


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NBC is horrible, with the exception of Bettis, all the other guys are horrible to listen to.

Bettis is a lot better than I thought he would be like Bettis he does not sugarcoat anything he tells it like it is. He is not even biased towards his Steelers who I know miss him more than they think.

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just got home from the game and couldnt wait to see the final moments on tv....how the **** does nbc not show that ending?

they showed to's drop, his celebration, and then moved on

it is almost comical


Agreed. They open the halftime show with the "Wild one iin Washington", but don't show the play of the game. :doh:

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I was just watching this with my brother, when I said, "Listen. It's ALL about the Cowboys." Then Sterling Sharpe goes into this rant about how the Owens shouldn't apologize, the COWBOYS should apologize for making him watch that game. Absolutely NOTHING about the Skins. No, "man, those Skins were up against it, but made a big play to possibly save their season."

I usually don't really care about these things, but this is so blatant. Disgusting.

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