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Howdy y'all!

Skeeter and Duane Mullette make their cartoon debut in


Let me know what you think, this is a prototype, if you will. If I like how it goes, Skeeter and Duane are going to become permanent fixtures.

And don't forget to check out our podcasts... the Bang Cartoon Radio Hour is the best sports show on the net... so say the awards we win (and toss in the corner like junk)

As always,

Have fun!


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Funny ish. I really liked the Romeo and Haynesworth skits..and the two new characters were funny, but how "permanent" do you plan on making them? They were funny, but maybe wouldnt be as funny as permanent fixtures, but at the same time, the give you a chance to have all kinds of new material...

Overall I liked it alot. :applause: :notworthy

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Well, glad to hear folks overall like Skeeter and Duane..

Basically it's like this. As you can see, I have a sponsor (betUS.com) and they want me to make them a cartoon once a month, So I figured this was a good way to do that without compromising what I usually do.

I'd like to make the "Super Awesome Football Show" more regular, because it's quick. I can roll off a lot of jokes in a short time without a lot of set-up. Sometimes what kills one of my toons is the time it takes to set up a visual joke. with Skeeter and Duane, the format of the "show' makes it so I can roll thru them fairly fast without a lot of background info needed for the joke.

to answer another question, no, I really prefer to have these done and out by Friday, a deadline I've failed to make so far this year. (I've realy expanded the website this year to include more things. THis makes a lot more work and unfortunately I haven't been able to wrangle the time properly yet.)

This toon DID have a scene in it where Skeeter and Duane attack Haynesworth and throw him off the set, but yesterday afternoon the power in my neighborhood went off for about 3 hours, and i lost the work i had not saved ... including the fight scene.

How permanent will this format be? This format seems pretty pliable, and I'm going to work with it for a bit. I think these two characters are what I've been looking for.

By the way,, you can also hear Skeeter and Duane make their football picks of the week every Wednesday. They have their own podcast for it, and it runs about 5 minutes each week. I usually post a link to it in the "Around the NFL" section of the Stadium.

Here is this week's episode

To hear past episodes, just change the file number backwards.. mullettepicks4,, mullettpicks3,, etc.

I think they's danged funny, m'self.


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