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Why wait for the Post to put theirs up tomorrow???

Atmosphere- A (nice job guys.)

Passing Offense- B+

Rushing Offense- A

Pass Defense- C-

Rush Defense- A-

Special Teams- A- (Hall was the man today)

Coaching- B+

Broadcasters- A (Dick Enberg, c'mon he's a CMU guy)

Entertainment- A++

Santana Moss- A+++++++++++++++++

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You're right, I think Randy Cross was terrible today, thinking there was indisputable evidence on that punt return fumble for Jacksonville. At no time was the ball visible. He's an idiot.

What do you expect, former Giants TE, so he's a homer....actually that doesn't even matter to me, I just can't stand CBS games, none of the commentating is good

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I think he was 49er tight end
Hmm, coulda sworn he played for the Giants at one time....on well he still sucks at commentating regardless :laugh:

He was an All Pro Olineman for the 49ers. Howard Cross was the Giants TE!

And oh by the way - :gaintsuck

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Kind of agree ... I really liked the offense!!

Wut I don't agree with u is in our pass defense .. they played pretty badly allowing 2 huge plays by Reggie Williams when we were up 27-17 ... so I'd give it a plain D

I don't think either of those plays were bad defense. Those were just great offensive plays. How he held on to that ball when Taylor hit him, I'll never know.

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