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Worste Day Ever On The Nfl Network

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You are the wind beneath my wiiinnnnnggggg:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

:laugh: :laugh: I am with you man. That movie always makes me cry at the end no matter how many times I watch it. Definitely a tear jerker.

Anywho I will not turn this into a chick flick thread but Juice "Did you every know that your my heroooooo?" :silly:

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That's cute, but the Cowgirls should have their own days on the following networks instead:

Lifetime (Television for women)

Oxygen (Another Women's Channel)

WE (Women's Entertainment)

But remember...HOW SWEEP IT IS... 14-13 & 35-7 in 2005!!!

Nuff said' :dallasuck

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I do have to admit, I did watch the NFL Network yesterday. As a die-hard Skins fan (since the early 70's, I grew up in DC and watch every game on NFL Sunday ticket), it was interesting to watch - but from a different perspective.

The perspective I took in watching all of this Cowpuke programming was the fact they they will most likely never regain their prominence from the 70's and early 90's. I don't think they will ever regain that "no matter what the score, we know we will win" swagger.

Finally, don't think Parcells has it in him anymore. Not with T.O. programmed to implode at any second.

So, for me, watching a couple of hours of the programming yesterday was fun - because I knew that the "rest of the story" was that they would fall from prominence.

My two cents

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