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event lived up to the hype

some quick observations:

1. i can't pick fights for ****. GSP was the only one i got right, since i flipped a coin for Sanchez/Paleli fight.

2. Machida will give anyone @ 205 problems.

3. Wandy is done as fighter, too many wars. Chuck beat him fair, but Wandy didn't clinch when he had the chance, and didn't show that aggressiveness the couple of times he rocked Chuck.

4. GSP is a beast. his only obstacle is his own mind. if his mind is right nobody at 170 beats him.

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GSP ain't playing no more. Talk about total ownage. Sick kimura to armbar with like 10 seconds left. I don't see him getting KOed by Serra next fight.

his balance is ridiculous. in his last 2 fights he has absolutely dominated two of the best wrestlers the UFC has to offer at their own game.

he not only defends their takedowns, but takes them down as well. the man is unstoppable if his head in the fight.

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GSP is a great fighter and has outwrestled the 2 supposed best in his last 2 fights simply manhandling them.. I'd like to see Hughes fight Koscheck then Serra. Kos talked some smack about him being overrated months back and i think he would beat Hughes..

Wandy is still a great fighter that fight was a war. Look at his last 3 fights CroCop,Henderson and Chuck those are 3 of the best fighters on the planet.. Both those guys ate some serious shots.

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