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  1. Mayweather dont want the fight period. He makes excuse after excuse year after year. I think he wins but he dont wanna take that risk period. This is why boxing sucks anymore and MMA has taken over combat sports. The best should fight the best period if they were in MMA they woulda fought 3 times by now its ridiculus.
  2. Aldo, Mendes, Lamas, Frankie are gonna work him. For a guy to get a title shot after beating two fringe top 10 fighters is a joke. It teaches the young fighters to be big mouth d-bags to get what you want. The guy is very talented but the stepup in talent is huge now. Smart of Dana to cash in now I guess.
  3. If AJ Smith is named GM its more of the same. Him and Bruce are best buddys and he has been advising him for the last 2 years. The buddy buddy stuff has to go. If Dan is serious about this franchise he needs to bite the bullet and clean house completely. Hire the best GM out there and let them pick coaches.
  4. Yeah Steve he was transcripts from HS made him ineligible. He just turned 20 though he was born feb 93 according to wikapedia,nbadraft.net and draftexpress.com I don't see Zeller becoming anywhere close to as good as a healthy Nene. And I highly doubt you find many people who would take him over Porter.
  5. He just turned 20 Steve he is younger then Muhammed unless you have inside info he was born feb. 93 Not that it matters to the Wiz. Zeller i'd draft but I have severe reservations on him. He struggles with size bigtime. To be honest i'd take Len over him because I think he has alot of athletic upside for his size and age. He will have true center size with great mobility when all is said and done. But i'd go crazy if Porter fell to us.
  6. McLemore just turned 20 he is a freshman. TRob was a junior he had all the bust signs early on limited min. Zeller scares me as well he struggled both years againest legit size like he will face in the Nba. And to the other poster I love CJ McCollum but not at 8.
  7. I had it 4-1 as well with Benson getting 4th.
  8. Agreed but bet anything Bendo gets decision.
  9. I think its a 9 player draft in my opinion after that its a drop off. I even like Robinson III as a 10th player but the top 9 have alot of upside/potential.
  10. I fear a awful trade as well especially listening to Wall and Beal. The company line seems to be a stretch 4 and a scorer off the bench preferably a Vet. No chance I trade this pick unless its involved in a blockbuster for a legit player. Noel McLemore Porter Bennett Muhammed Zeller Len Oladipo Burke I will take any of them over a BS trade.
  11. This has actually been known for awhile. Alot of people in the know already knew this including Shabazz's friends its been considered rumor since his high school years. If we pick in the 8-11 range I'd gladly take him there its the perfect spot to steal a high upside player. He is the type of ISO scorer we lack but his overall game needs developed he can play alittle 2/3 off the bench with no pressure. I'd love Noel or Porter to fall and he might but I really hope he returns to GU the team would be stacked with the freshman coming in and Whittingtons return.
  12. I got G'Town over Duke in the NC. My final 4 is GTOWN,Indiana,OSU and Duke. The Wiz are gonna end up drafting between 8-11. I hope Porter tests poorly and he falls or maybe Nerlens comes out and falls because of the ACL.
  13. Wall is'nt a max player and honestly Beal might end up the better player. If they max him out, there foolish nobody else will offer it. He is'nt even a all star but were gonna max him out? If he actually played hard on defense and took care of the ball better I could see it but he don't. I would offer him 11mill/per or just sign™ him not worth hamstringing this franchise he is'nt a alpha dog that is gonna carry this team like a max player should.
  14. Those 2 are the only players in this draft I take before Porter. He is a fantastic fit for this current team.
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