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Tarhog's Day 2 Minicamp Pics #4


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I hope I am as half as energetic and young looking as Joe seems to be from these pics. Good stuff Tarhog.


And C.C. has to stop putting pennies into electrical outlets. Bad for the complexion. ;)

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:rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: That Cooley pic is TOO MUCH!! :laugh: :rotflmao:

BLloyd seems to be joking around with Gibbs all the time....I'm starting to really like this kid. I know the first time he makes some acrobatic grab I'm going to go ape****!! :laugh:

Oh yeah, and does Randy have ****locks now??? :laugh:


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no, randy does not have dreds now. offense wears white jerseys, defense wears red. that guy is just a camp fodder

i dunno if that sykes kid is fodder, the video of defence pursuit angle drills he showed ALOT of explosive movement ie:he hits top speed by second step....as soon as i saw him i looked him up.....looks good in shorts lets see if he can play.:2cents:

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