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Andyman, any action tonight, or can I go to sleep early?


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Tell me about it...my girlfriend is upstairs patiently waiting to go out...I just finished my grub with my Skins sweats on hanging out constantly checking the site.

Andy, I need some info, if not for the board, do it for my sex life brother!!! Im addicted here!

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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My time frame last couple hours:

9:45 PM-2:00 AM---Posting on Extremeskins


2:34AM-3:01 AM--Posting on Extremeskins

3:01AM-8:35 AM---Sleep

(At this point Im a zombie)8:35AM-8:45AM---Posting Nonsense on Extremeskins


11:35AM-NOW--Posting on Extremeskins

I really want to know if any thing will happen.....

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I wouldn't go to sleep if I were you son. And you heard it from the maam himself. And me? An enigma? You don't know the half of it....

1. Each visitor may own a single registered account. The ExtremeSkins staff screens and approves all new accounts. Duplicate accounts are prohibited, and the staff employs security measures to enforce this policy. Duplicate accounts will immediately closed (i.e., banned). Do not create additional registered accounts to bypass an issued ban; absent compelling circumstances, any attempt to circumvent a ban by registering a secondary account will result in a permanent banishment of all related accounts.

Jus' sayin :whoknows:


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