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  1. TheSteve

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    I haven't been active on this board for a long time. I haven't felt this way - ever. RG3 has given me hope. Playoffs!! When is the last time we won 3 straight division games? Never. Having said that, I still feel pessimistic about Baltimore. After all the anguish of Brunell vs Ramsey, Collins vs Cambell, Warfell vs...and Grossman vs Beck...finally, a stable QB. In this league, that's worth a hell of a lot. I don't even care how we finish the year(lie) - to have a QB that lets you go into a game with legitimate hope as a fan is priceless. HTTR
  2. TheSteve

    Random Thought Thread

    Why hasn't this thread been closed?
  3. TheSteve

    Show Yourselves II

    Wesley Snipes!:laugh:
  4. TheSteve

    Show Yourselves II

    He doesn't look like Brett Favre, but his eyes do look like Darth Vader's.
  5. TheSteve

    Show Yourselves II

    I say dks is really 5'7", because everyone always adds an inch to their height;)
  6. TheSteve

    Show Yourselves II

    That would depend on whether or not I'm trying to gain a psychological advantage and if I didn't like you and if whether or not you thought being short was a good thing or bad, in which case my answer would vary.
  7. TheSteve

    Show Yourselves II

    They say the short people run the fastest!
  8. TheSteve

    Show Yourselves II

    That's me!:notworthy