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The Rat-Squirrel is back BABY!!!


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WASHINGTON - It has the face of a rat and the tail of a skinny squirrel — and scientists say this creature discovered living in central Laos is pretty special: It's a species believed to have been extinct for 11 million years.

The long-whiskered rodent made international headlines last spring when biologists declared they'd discovered a brand new species, nicknamed the Laotian rock rat.

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I can't wait until some high school or college name their team the Fighting Rat Squirrels!!!!! Of course, someone will claim they are offended and they will soon be banned from participating in any postseason tournaments and will have to change their name eventually to the Fighting Blahs..... only to be sued by people who are offended by the word Blah.......and so on...and so on.... and so on.... :doh:

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I wonder if there better roasted, or in a stew ;)

"Hello, this is Hans Schmelkenschmidt of the Discovery Channel. We have JUST discovered the LAST remaining female Rat-Squirrel on the planet. It is highest on the list of ALL Endangered Species of ANY animal. There is one male, and one female left on the planet. If either one of them dies, they will become extinct......Oh dear God !! It appears as though Pete has just barbequed the LAST 2 Rat-Squirrels on a Shish-ka-bob, and eaten them !!!"

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The Los Angeles Rat-Squirrels!!!

Starting at QB Jeff Garcia!!

I just love saying Rat-Squirrels!!! lol

I bet Jeff Gar-thia loves to thay the word Rat-Thquirrelth, al-tho

Cuz there's tho many letter eth-eth in there, that he can use his lithp, with

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Is this in some way linked to the skunk ape?


Glad you asked.


"Some cryptozoologists have claimed that a race of gigantopithecines are the legendary primates known in various geographic locations as Bigfoot, Yeren or Yeti."

Gigantopithecus is presumed to have been long extinct, but it's not impossible that they're still wandering around, occasionally posing for poor-quality video footage. :)


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